11 Unique Restaurants in Stark County

These venues pop with personality, individuality, and serve up great food and service. Some employ hundreds and some a mere handful. All are locally owned.

These venues pop with personality, individuality, and serve up great food and service. Some employ hundreds and some a mere handful.  All are locally owned. Article created for Visit Canton. 

1. Chloe’s Diner Massillon

You can’t walk into Chloe’s without smiling. Nostalgic items are everywhere. Neon signs, vintage cars, bicycles, and motorcycles – some hanging from the ceiling! Once a garage, this diner serves up delicious burgers and shakes with lots to look at while you nosh. Bright, fun, and casual. Good for families or meeting up with friends. Come early, they serve breakfast too! TIP: Take a selfie with Elvis or Bob’s Big Boy!

2. Bender’s Tavern Downtown Canton

“Canton’s oldest and finest” – A slogan that rings true. In operation since 1902 and famous for seafood and wine selection, Bender’s occupies a beautiful, historic brick building along Court Ave. The elegant interior showcases marble and wood paneling over 100 years old. Top service, a great menu selection and daily specials offer choices that will please the most discernable palate. Great for a business lunch or date night. TIP: Ask for Jerry’s Mini Sundae for dessert when a “little” sweet is all that’s needed.

3. Kennedy’s BBQ West of downtown Canton

This cute little diner is often overlooked, and only partially because it sits by itself along railroad tracks in a neighborhood adjacent to the McKinley Monument. The other reason it’s overlooked is it’s size. It’s TINY. Sit at the swivel stools along the counter and order a cup of famous bean soup and a smoked pulled pork or turkey sandwich. Don’t forget to top it with secret recipe relish and a little bit of BBQ sauce. TIP: Visit their sister restaurant up the road – Taggart’s Ice Cream Parlor

4. Bombay Sitar Jackson Twsp

Flavor flavor flavor. This Indian restaurant boasts of using “curry not found in a grocery store” and adjusting spice levels to your liking. Traditional dishes are plentiful and being a vegetarian is easy here. TIP: Order extra nann and make it garlic!

5. Georges Lounge Downtown Canton

Known for grass-fed beef burgers and hand-cut fries. House-made dipping sauces, and great desserts. The vibe and décor are retro. It opened in 1959. A horseshoe shaped bar occupies most of the space with booths on one side and a small stage that hosts live music. No TVs and friendly staff will have you chatting with those sitting next to you in no time. TIP: Try the kamikaze sauce!

6. UnHitched Brewing Louisville

Just off the main drag of quaint Louisville (do pronounce the “s” as opposed to the “Loo-uh-vul” down south) sits a brewery known as much for it’s food as it’s delicious beer. Unique flavor combos and quality local ingredients transform average sandwiches and bar grub into a culinary experience. The spacious, clean, and open-concept taproom allows for larger gatherings. TIP: Grab a seat near the wood-fired oven and watch the magic happen!

7, BAM Healthy Cuisine Jackson Twsp and North Canton

Who would have thought healthy food could be so flavorful? A variety of menu items – Sandwiches, wraps, burgers, pizzas, smoothies, salads, and more. Dine in or take out. TIP: Grab some extra power bombs for a great on-the-go snack.

8, Social at Stonehouse Massillon

Open the giant front door and step into the elegant parlor of a beautifully restored stone mansion. You’ll be seated in a cozy, well-appointed room on the first or second floor, but if it’s warm enough, request the back patio. Or at least check it out. No matter where you sit, the food will be great. Each dish is carefully tested to ensure it pops with flavor. TIP: Before or after dinner make the trek to the top level of the house. The attic bar is worth the climb.

9. Gervasi Vineyards Canton

In the heart of suburban Canton sits an award-winning destination. Stroll the grounds and explore vineyards, multiple restaurants, a coffee shop that transforms into a swanky cocktail lounge at dusk, a distillery, overnight accommodations, a culinary education center, spa, and much more, all centered around a lake that’s lovely in all seasons. You’ll feel like you’ve been transported out of Ohio by the experience, food, wine, service, and atmosphere. TIP: Check out The Cave, if you can find the partially hidden entrance underneath the spa.

10. Hartville Kitchen Hartville

Home-style cooking and comfort food await. Long lines move quickly, and even though it seats hundreds, the menu items are still made fresh, in-house, daily. This includes the famous and delicious mashed potatoes and gravy. Shop at the nearby marketplace, children’s boutique, hardware store, and collectibles store. This sprawling destination is still family owned. TIP: Check out the bakery and take home some pies!

11. Lucca’s Downtown Downtown Canton

Stylish Italian restaurant with attention to where menu items come from and how they are prepared. A strong chef core with local farm partnerships, attention to detail in preparation and presentation, and excellent service make Lucca’s Downtown a top pick. Pasta is made fresh on-site daily. TIP: Ask for the house made lemoncello cocktail. It packs a punch.


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