Corporate Outings

Discover the Ultimate Culinary Adventure for Your Next Client Outing or Staff Celebration!

Are you searching for an extraordinary experience to impress clients or treat your team to an unforgettable afternoon or evening out? Break away from mundane restaurant bookings and immerse yourself in a unique journey that combines the thrill of exploration with the joy of culinary excellence.

Imagine an evening filled with laughter, delectable cuisine, and the chance to bond with colleagues or clients in an engaging, dynamic setting. Our tours offer not just a meal, but an all-encompassing experience that tantalizes your taste buds and enriches your understanding of local culture and history.



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On all of our Corporate Outings, a mosaic of flavors and stories await!

Outing Details

Diverse Culinary Stops: Our guides lead you through the city’s diverse dining scene. Enjoy delectable mini-entrees that together create a full meal experience.

Mix and Mingle: With every stop, you’ll find yourself seated with different companions, offering a fresh opportunity to connect and network.

Discover and Learn: Dive into the rich layers and hidden aspects of a city that only locals can uncover. Discover fascinating facts and trivia.

Your Team's Experience

Insider Insights: Stay abreast of the latest developments in downtown renovations, business openings, and regional economic projects.

Active Exploration: Our mantra, “Eat, Drink, Walk, Repeat,” ensures a perfect balance of movement and relaxation as you navigate through the city’s sights.

Personal Interactions: Engage directly with the minds behind our local businesses – chefs, managers, and owners – for a truly personal touch.

Snapshot Memories: We capture the moments so you can relive the adventure, with a photo link sent directly to you.

Tour Value

Exceptional Variety: Our partner restaurants are committed to offering an array of scrumptious options that will leave you and your guests raving.

Unbeatable Value: Combine entertainment, education, team building, and fine dining into one comprehensive package that promises great value.

Support Local: Feel good knowing that every stop supports locally owned businesses, contributing to the community’s continued vibrancy.

Ready to transform your next client meeting or team outing into an experience to remember?

Join us for a journey that promises more than just a meal – it's a foray into the heart of the city, wrapped in the flavors of local cuisine and the spirit of discovery. Your adventure awaits!